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Tony Gatto is an award winning-winning journalist based in New York City.  Writing and reporting at the news site TonyGatto.com, Tony is a veteran of the broadcast news business, having held positions at CBS and ABC News.

His career began in 1980 as a desk assistant at WCBS Radio.  He eventually worked his way up to associate news director.  Along the way he gained experience in just about every aspect of broadcast news holding such positions as executive producer, managing editor, producer and newswriter.

Gatto joined ABC News in July of 1998 as Director, News and Sports Programming, responsible for daily network news coverage and New York newsroom operations. After serving in that capacity for two years, he was promoted to General Manager, Radio Operations for ABC News. Tony managed all domestic and international newsgathering, as well as planning, special events coverage and all network news operations. He was executive producer for many major stories, including War with Iraq, the death of Ronald Reagan, Vote 2004, 9/11 and the Impeachment of President Clinton.

During his career in local and network news, Tony has shared in numerous awards including a Columbia-duPont award and Peabody award for coverage of the 9/11 and the aftermath.  He has also received awards from such distinguished organizations as the Radio Television News Directors Association, the Associated Press and the New York Press Club


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  1. I have learned more information from your website about Lauren’s case than the local news reports. How is it that you are getting better information than the locals?

    • I’m a better reporter?

      • I gathered that much. I’ve noticed the Indianapolis news outlets aren’t doing their due diligence on some of their reports. I’ve also noticed that BPD doesn’t seem to be staying ahead of the curve with things. Every time I turn around it seems they are trying to play catch up rather than get ahead of what’s going on. Do you get that feeling as well?

      • I have to ask why it is that you are concentrating all of your focus on Jay Rosenbaum??? How is no one obtaining more information on the boyfriend??? Jesse Wolff reportedly was in bed asleep when all of this was going down. Really??? There is NO WAY that a guy that loves a girl just ‘goes to sleep’ as if he had not just been stood up and no doubt heard from his friend that punched Rossman; that his girlfriend was intoxicated and bringing a guy back to her apartment. That is NOT how a person would react to that situation. NO ONE would react to betrayal by simply just going to bed. WHY has the guy not been identified that punched Rossman??? The apt building requires a coded entry and has video surveillance….there is no reason whatsoever that they shouldn’t know who that guy is. He is a missing piece to the puzzle. They need to obtain phone records for Jesse and his hostile friend that punched a guy in the face. You can’t tell me that if you saw your friend’s girlfriend taking a guy back to her place, drunk, late at night……(and you decked the guy) that you wouldn’t be calling/texting your friend to let him know. Jesse had motive, not to mention…….WHO ON EARTH WOULD SKIP TOWN AND NOT SEARCH FOR THEIR LOVED ONE??????? Just because he reported her missing does not mean that he was concerned. The best place to hide something is in plain view. It would throw people off……and then he leaves town. Convenient. There are 2 pictures of Lauren that cause one to wonder if they had an abusive relationship. In the picture that is posted on the family’s fb update site, Lauren has a small bruise on the middle of her upper arm. I understand that she could have gotten that a number of different ways, but it looks consistent with a thumb mark from being forcefully grabbed. Another picture is especially disturbing (almost wonder if it was photoshopped); both Lauren and Jesse have cuts on their wrists. Admittedly, it looks bad for Rosenbaum, but if that call at 4:15 am was made by HIM (instead of Lauren); why would he call a friend that lived in her apt instead of Rossman and Beth that lived just 2 doors down??? Rosenbaum and Spierer were old family friends; if the theory that she od’ed held true; I sincerely doubt that he’d just dump her body. People that have a life long history become like sister and brother……they would not simply dispose of another human being that they feel strong attachments towards. An open mind is essential to solving a case like this, but it is equally important to understand basic human psychology. No way in hell a guy is gonna get stood up for another guy by his drunk girlfriend and just go to sleep. NO WAY!!!! A healthy, stable minded person in Jesse’s shoes would have confronted the situation and would have wanted to reason with her, protect her, work things out or just simply KNOW the situation. I’m not completely throwing out the other leads, but this seriously seems to have been ignored.

  2. Thank you for your coverage…so glad someone clued me into your website because your information, like the person ahead of me stated, is above and beyond what the mainstream media is reporting. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mr. Gatto: Thanks. That’s all.

  4. Thank you for posting an “About Tony Gatto” section. It definitely makes you seem more credible in my eyes, and likely in many others’ as well.

  5. Has anyone tried to take or make a sketch from the shadow off the relfection of the building of the person riding in the white truck? (Which means there would be at least 2 people in the truck/drive and passenger)If you look closely, you can see a man’s arm hanging out the door window, the shape of his face and eyes. Looks like he is wearing a shortsleeve shirt. I don’t live in the area, but got this from making a print and using a magnifying glass. My husband looked at it and agrees with me. It doesn’t hurt to take a look, unless this has already been done. I like this blog, because I believe more is being said here than what we are getting from the media. I pray they find Lauren soon and bring her home.

    • The stories reported on this site would be considered slander if reported on by any legitimate media outlet

      • Oh really.? Do me a solid. Take a look at the headlines over the past few weeks in the NY Newspapers on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. Then talk to me about slander. Explain to me exactly where I am slandering someone.

  6. The use of qualifiers like “shared in many” makes me skeptical of Mr. Gatto’s work history claims. Anyone working for ABC could claim to have shared in any of ABC’s awards.

    Also, simple Google searches don’t seem to turn up any of Mr. Gatto’s work, other than what he publishes on his blog.

    Mr. Gatto, can you provide any links to work you did at ABC News? I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m just very skeptical of this site considering no other outlets are reporting this information.

  7. why can’t the NEWS broadcast this? AND just don’t understand why none of Spierer friends have been in the public eye. If that was my friend I would make sure to be in the public eye and be searching for her!!!! Even if they weren’t her friend and hung out with her either just to party or just that night THEY should be doing something about it more.

  8. Thank you Tony!! I hate to say this, but …it feels like anything we read local about Lauren’s case. It just doesn’t feel “right”. Your article…thank you!

  9. tony,

    what year did you win the peabody and what was it for?

  10. I saw this on IDS comments – have you come across a cab driver?

    “I wonder if the cab driver that spoke with police is being taken seriously. I see on one of the facebook pages for Lauren that they have a link to his fb and he complains that he wasn’t taken seriously about seeing Lauren.”

    I tried to just send this via an email, but I couldn’t find it?! It could be that I am super tired and not looking in the right places, I apologize.


  11. Z Anyone interesting live at 10th and College? O

  12. I spoke to my ex-husband Roy Spierer and I appreciate all the hard work you are providing to the family to help find cousin Lauren. God bless you!

  13. Good articles in LS case Tony!!

  14. do you have a private email?

  15. The news doesn’t report this because it is untrue. Why are these stories not covered by real journalists? Because these stories have no basis. This is poor and unethical journalism.

    • The news? What’s that? The Herald Times, Indy Star, WISH-TV? Real journalists? Davey baby, considering the number of posts you have rapidly spit out in the span of a minute, you clearly have a vested interest in this case. You seem like one of the friends I’ve spoken to who seems more focused on saving his/her skin than finding Lauren.

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